Digital EGT Gauge and Sensors

As a result of advanced technology, automobile engines are becoming more environmentally friendly and economical. Nowadays the engines have a smaller capacity as compared to traditional engine designs and features turbocharging to compensate for the power loss. EGT sensor and gauge are used to protect the internal components and monitor the catalytic converters throughout.

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At OZtherm, you can find an EGT sensor and gauge that comes with an easy to view display regardless of the lighting conditions. Our range of exhaust gas temperature gauge monitors the performance of the car's exhaust temperature and avoids overheating. Installing the sensors is a great way to ensure that your engine is protected at all times.

Our gauge products are easy to install and fits well. If you’re looking for an EGT sensor and gauge or Temperature Controller Suppliers that offers unmatched accuracy and quick results, look no further than OZtherm. The sensors are designed for a wide range of automotive applications. From cars to SUVs and trucks, we have brand new and highly durable sensors for our clients across the world.

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The EGT gauge digital sensors are used in petrol and diesel engines to safeguard the components and protect them from overheating. Such components include a turbocharger and catalytic converter. If the temperature increases than normal, the EGT sensors send a signal to the engine control unit which further takes action to lower the temperature.

The EGT gauge digital can also be used in nitrogen oxide reduction assemblies. Here the role of sensors is to monitor the temperature and make sure the required temperature is set exactly for the operation of catalytic converters.


If you own an automobile unit, you should know the importance of having the right EGT temperature sensors. If your current sensor is not working properly, it can result in reduced fuel efficiency and unnecessary regenerations.

The EGT gauge and sensors measure the temperature of the exhaust gases present in the engine. The sensors send the information back to the vehicle’s ECU. So, if you want to protect your engine’s key components, install our EGT gauge digital.


  • Easily to read illuminated display 
  • Monitors car's exhaust temperature 
  • Easy installation 
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Durable, stainless-steel wires
  • Quick response

We at OZtherm offer exhaust gas temperature sensors for a variety of vehicles. Suitable for all types of internal combustion engines, the sensors keep a constant check on the engine’s performance and prevent damage that may otherwise be caused by high exhaust temperatures.

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