Temperature Controller Sensor Suppliers

A temperature controller is a device used to measure and control temperature. The device uses a process variable and set value to measure the difference in values which is reflected in the form of error or deviation. Such temperature controllers are widely used for different applications. From refrigerators to air conditioning, the controllers are present everywhere. If you’re searching for reliable temperature controller suppliers, let the team at OZtherm help you.

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We have years of experience in delivering high-quality and precise temperature control and sensor solutions depending on your industry type and applications. We serve industry professionals including Engineers, Manufacturing Units, Research Organisations, Scientists and so on.


Temperature controllers have many different uses depending on the industry. They are used to perform an array of high-end applications. Many industrial systems rely on temperature controllers for effectively regulating and controlling the temperature range. This helps to prevent damage and ensures that manufacturing operations are executed more safely and efficiently.

The temperature controller also helps the user manage industrial heating and cooling processes. The devices support endless applications that require accurate and quick temperature measurement results.

Being one of the leading temperature controller suppliers, we are sure of our product quality. Our range of customised temperature controllers and sensors are designed by Temtec Controls in Australia. We make sure that the controllers reduce downtime for our clients and help them carry out various business operations without any hassle.

Looking for temperature controller suppliers? We at OZtherm guarantee 100% satisfaction through our wide range of products and equipment. Call us.


Temperature sensors are utilised across many industries. Their key role is to provide input to determine the exact temperature of an object and/or environment.

Whether you need temperature sensors for food processing, automotive monitoring or biological research, OZtherm brings tested and durable solutions at competitive prices. We have successfully established our company as one of the reputed temperature sensor suppliers across the world.

Our range of sensors can be used to maintain a pre-set temperature or measure humidity, pressure, or flowrate level.


  • Supports research and laboratory experiments
  • Tracks thermal conditions depending on temperature parameters
  • Allows automatic temperature regulation
  • Provides instant thermal data
  • Measures and compare temperature

Explore our temperature control solutions online. We have a large stock of high-quality products for all your needs and requirements.