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Every electronic component generates heat when a circuit is executed by providing a power supply. Here the role of heatsinks is to transfer heat away from a specific component that generates heat. This way heatsink prolongs the life of the component and allows it to work more efficiently.

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Semiconducting devices generate a great amount of heat when they are being operated. These components fail to dissipate heat which can disrupt their efficiency. To overcome this problem, you need a specialised electronic device that can disperse heat and cool down the heated components quickly.

A heatsink is one such device used for cooling down the components when they get hot. These devices feature a thermal conductor to carry away excess heat on time. Equipped with built-in fans, the heatsinks prevent premature failure of the device/circuit and improves the system’s performance.


A heatsink ensures a steady heat flow away from a hot device by increasing the device's working surface area. The heatsink is made from high-grade materials including copper and aluminium with high thermal conductivity.

The device makes sure that the heat travels from a high temperature to a low-temperature environment. The working fluid also passes across the surface of the heat sink and releases heat into the environment.

Based on your device's configuration, you can choose a compatible heatsink and heat sink clamp assembly.

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To mount high-power semiconductors, you need a heat sink clamp assembly to exert a minimum force. This force is responsible for minimising electrical and thermal resistance and making sure the semiconductor device stays in contact with the heatsink.

The entire heat sink clamp assembly is designed to offer maximum performance. They can be used for a variety of centre loaded force applications. The seamless contact between your heat sink and components significantly improves thermal performance which means a lesser risk of damage.

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