S Type Thermocouples Suppliers

An S Type thermocouple or a temperature sensor is used to measure temperature in varied conditions. Made with two different metal wires, the device generates an EMF output. There are many different thermocouples designs available based on their primary functions and temperature range feature.

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We at OZtherm are dedicated to offering stable, innovative and high-end thermocouple devices for industrial applications. We recommend our clients match thermocouples to their ideal environmental settings before choosing a model.

The S Type thermocouple works by creating a voltage every time there is a temperature change. The device then notes the temperature reading and allows the user to take precise measurements and values. Our range of thermocouple devices are made of high-quality sensing materials. Feel free to explore our unique custom designs made for high-performance temperature applications.

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The reason behind the worldwide popularity of thermocouples device is that it covers a broad range of temperature and accuracy requirements. They are available in an assortment of housings and packages to cater to your requirements.

Our devices are known for their high accuracy and stability. We help clients choose the right device by assessing their needs and applications. We also take their temperature expectations into account while suggesting the products.

The S type thermocouple offers an alloy combination of Platinum and Rhodium. The temperature range is between 538 to 1481 °C.

If you want a thermocouple, especially for high-temperature laboratory-based applications, nothing beats the stability and performance of our S type thermocouples. It is great for short term use where you need to deal with inert or oxidising atmospheres.

Some of the features are:

  • Superior quality TC cable
  • Great flexibility and durability
  • Features spring-loaded sensors
  • Weatherproof head
  • Customised for specific applications

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