Phase Angle Controllers

At OZtherm, we bring a wide range of robust phase angle power controllers and Temperature Controller Suppliers. They are used for handling complex loads and heating elements that change resistance over time or temperature. Made with powerful microprocessor technology, the controllers control the AC signals’ conduction angle to further control the average AC voltage. The controllers incorporate the phase angle control technique.

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Our durable phase angle power controller products are made from high-quality internal and external components that outlast other products. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, we are sure our dynamic solutions will streamline your business operations and help you manage your resources better.

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The phase angle power controller offers precise control of power to the user that is delivered to the load. The controller in turn helps save power for applications in which the system is supposed to remain on for a long period of time.

Industrial applications that specifically require consistency and stability can make use of the phase angle controller. This way, the performance of power lines won’t be affected by the frequent on and off operations even if the incoming voltage is not stable.

The controller is a great alternative for providing fine power resolution and a solution for controlling fast responding loads.


A thyristor controller is typically used for applications involving electrical heating loads ranging from 3 KW/Single to 300KW/3-phase.

Work applications that require precise and accurate power control can benefit from the use of thyristor controllers. Being semiconductor devices, they are employed to turn the current on and off.

The controllers come with adjustable power and current feature. There is a separate heat sink attached for safety. With the robust and modular design, the thyristor controller can be used for the servicing of thyristors. Suitable for both resistive and inductive loads, the controller generates resistance with the increase in temperature.

At OZtherm, you can choose the right phase angle controller products based on their configuration and load type settings. If you’re not sure which product is right for your industrial-based applications, contact us on (03) 9131 0734. We have years of experience in the supplying and manufacturing of precise industry-based solutions. Our products are used by top-rated laboratories and industries across the world.