K Type Thermocouples Suppliers

A thermocouple is a specialised device used to get temperature readings. The device consists of two different metal wires and generates an EMF output. The reason why thermocouples are extensively used is that they cover a wide range of temperature, environmental and accuracy requirements.

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From water to food industries, the K Type thermocouples are used for an array of applications that require stability and resistance to oxidisation.

If you are looking for reliable K Type thermocouples suppliers, OZtherm can help. We offer an extensive range of products for precise temperature measurements. Our ceramic high-temperature thermocouples are available in the diameter range of 12mm to 16mm. They work well with temperature control systems and can be manufactured according to your specific requirements.

Searching for a Type K thermocouple for sale? Look no further than the selection of high-grade devices at OZtherm.


The Type K thermocouple devices have a wide operating temperature range. Each device consists of a non-magnetic positive leg and a magnetic negative leg. The base material allows the device to work at a high-temperature range.

Our K type thermocouples are designed for the rugged environment and conditions. With an integrated composition of both Chrome and Aluminium, the wires offer a range of -270 °C to 1260°. The output range is between -6.4 to 9 mV.

Its low cost and high accuracy are two of the important factors which make them highly versatile sensors for varied applications. This general-purpose device has longer life as compared to other types of thermocouples made with iron wire.


  • Lesser inexpensive
  • Quick response
  • Compact and highly reliable
  • Great for everyday applications
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Durable

OZtherm is one of the leading providers of thermal products. We offer the highest-quality thermal engineering products built for specific applications. The products are designed to add value to your in-house work operations.

How Do Thermocouples Work?

Our K thermocouple devices come in thin and bendable wire constructions. The electronic sensors are used for getting accurate temperature monitoring. For high-temperature applications, you can make use of our thermocouples for converting temperatures to a small DC Voltage.

So, if you’re looking for K Type thermocouples suppliers near you, reach out to us. We combine our wealth of experience and product knowledge to serve customers and offer dedicated support.

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